The Essential Step To Making Goals Reality

Planning is the bridge between vision and realization. Our extensive planning experience helps our clients realize both short–term and long-term objectives.

WAI can cover every aspect of the planning process utilizing the skills of our experienced planners supported by the expertise of our other discipline professionals. We provide the best combination of services for projects in the municipal, private, and educational sectors. Our services can include all or any of the following:


  • Visioning / Placemaking
  • Educational Visioning

Master Plans

  • Land Use Plan
  • Master Educational Facility Plan
  • Park and Recreation Plans
  • Trail Plans
  • Feasibility Study


  • Zoning Ordinance Preparation
  • Form-based zoning


  • Physical facility assessment
  • Capital Improvement / Maintenance Plan

Community Services Analysis

  • Infrastructure
    • Municipal Buildings
    • Transportation
    • Water and Sewer
    • Storm water
    • Sidewalks
  • Fire, police, hospital, emergency medical services, and emergency preparedness
  • Identification of high-risk traffic safety locations
  • Adequacy of parks and recreational facilities
  • Environmental factors including open space, forestry/trees

Contractual Services

  • Zoning Ordinance Enforcement
  • Building Permitting
  • Plan Review
  • Grant identification / application / management

Development Plans and Assistance

  • Adaptive Reuse Plans
  • DDA / CIA / TIF Assistance
    • Establishment
    • Mapping
    • Development Plan
    • On-going Assistance
  • Redevelopment Ready Community Assistance
  • Main Street Program Assistance
  • Site Evaluation / Analysis
  • Targeted Industry Study
  • Targeted Retail / Commercial Study

Bond Issue Assistance

  • Issue Definition
    • Focus Groups
    • Stakeholder Surveys
  • Campaign Support
    • Establish Leadership Committee
    • Voter research
    • Community research including previous bond vote examination
    • Fundraising and Budgeting
    • Campaign Theme and Messaging
    • Targeting probable positive voters
    • Get Out the Vote plan
    • Election Day Activities

Community Engagement

  • Park(ing) Day
  • Participation Strategy
  • Communication of Needs/Problems/Solutions
  • Capturing Public Input
  • "Key persons" interviews, resident surveys and input sessions
  • Workshops - mission statement, goals, objectives and policies implementation strategies

Data Compilation

  • Demographic information and projections
    • Population
    • Housing
    • Employment
    • Socio-economic
  • Existing Land Use Inventory
    • Commercial / Residential / Industrial / Public/ Institutional / Recreational / Historic
  • Geographic Information System (GIS) Mapping
  • Current and Future Land Use
  • USGS topography and drainage features
  • FIRM floodplains
  • USEPA/COE designated wetlands and environmental areas
  • Water and sewer service areas
  • Existing municipal boundary information and proposed annexation areas
  • Other service areas - schools, fire, emergency services, etc.
  • Transportation and corridor plans - major roads and traffic/accident counts
To learn more about how the team at Wightman can help your community with its planning needs, please click here: Coordinated Planning for Community Placemaking.pdf