Interior Design

It's all about people....

The Wightman Interior Design professionals understand that every element of interior design exists to support people and affects how time is spent. Color helps to inspires creativity, texture sets the mood of a space and the overall layout contributes to productivity.

In the interior design process, we start by learning about your objectives, what needs to be accomplished in each space, and how you want people to work together. Through the design thinking process, we gather information that becomes the basis upon which we create design solutions that not only enhance the aesthetics of your interior spaces, but foster functionality, efficiency, and an overall atmosphere that makes people say, “I like being here.”
By working with you and/or your team from the first meeting until all of the final touches are in place, your vision comes to life through colors, furnishings, textures, materials and a layout that supports your way of living, learning, and working.
Interior Design at Wightman Provides:
  • Enhancement of architectural character
  • Support for brand recognition and identity
  • Design options that meet your needs
  • Project visioning
  • Dynamic interiors that focus on function
  • Range of service from as-needed consultation to full-service design and support
Services include:
  • Finish and material selection
  • Programming and schematics
  • Space planning
  • 3D renderings – both interior and exterior
  • Interior specifications
  • Color pallet choice and consultation
  • Furniture layout and selections
  • Needs assessment

Our People

Great interior design goes beyond creating visually appealing spaces. It is rooted in providing functional, efficient design solutions that enhance comfort and well-being. Our interior design professionals do this by understanding your objectives, budgets and timelines. They then use this information to bring color, texture, materials and furnishings together to create dynamic, functional environments that are supportive of your needs.
Casey Bourdo NCIDQ is a registered interior designer with 10 years of experience in a wide range of commercial related work including office design, hospitality and restaurant design. She has a passion for creating innovative and inviting spaces that contribute to the functionality of the space.
Contact Casey: cbourdo@gowightman.com    

Sara Kotanko studied at Andrews University where she helped pioneer the interior design program while also completing a minor in graphic design. She has a passion for creating spaces that welcome people, inspire new ways of thinking and help promote healthy indoor environments.
Contact Sara: skotanko@gowightman.com

Project Examples