Inspection & Testing

Assuring Long Term Success For Each Project

Wightman and Associates truck near power grid

The Construction Inspectors at Wightman & Associates are the eyes and ears of the owners and engineers. They maintain a presence on each project site and see that the requirements and specifications are met. Inspectors are fully familiar with and understand the project plans and specifications as well as the contract document requirements. Wightman Inspectors keep detailed records such as daily reports showing work items completed for the day, daily diaries of events and visitors to the job site, and as-recorded information that is invaluable to future construction and evaluation.

WAI Inspectors maintain the following certifications:

  • ACI Concrete Field Testing Technician, Grade I
  • Michigan Certified Aggregate Technician
  • Michigan Certified Bituminous Laboratory Technician, Level I
  • MCPA Concrete Field Testing Technician, Level I & Level II
  • Michigan Certified Density Technician
  • Michigan Certified Troxler Technician
  • Michigan Certified Bituminous Paving Operations Technician
  • Michigan Construction Site Certified stormwater Operator
  • Saftey Inspection of In-Service Bridges