Village of Paw Paw Electrical System Asset Management Plan

Project Overview

The Village of Paw Paw Electrical System Asset Management Plan and Reliability Study looks at creating a model of the Village's existing electrical system and utilizing that model to study and analyze a variety of issues.  The project also incorporates financial analysis of the Village's revenue structure, rates, and future funding.  This project is being implemented to allow the Village to best manage their assets and predict needs for future growth.  To date, the project has completed the collection of GIS data, pole testing, and draft studies which include a System Study & Six Year Plan, Fusing Coordination Study, and Arc-Flash Assessment Study.  The final phase of the project will focus on financial aspects of managing the system. This phase encompasses a cost of Service Study, Unbundling Study, Financial Projection and a One Year Rate Design.


Electrical System Overview Map

Click here to download a PDF version of this overview map.


Project Studies

Electric Distribution System Study & Five Year Plan – updated 04/07/2017:  This is a comprehensive look at the Village of Paw Paw’s electric distribution system and how it functions.  The study looks at the condition and flexibility of the system today and develops estimates of future loads and requirements the system will be subjected to. It also looks at where work can be done to improve system reliability in preparation for those future loads. Click here: Paw Paw System Study 2017 - Final.pdf

System Arc-Flash Study - updated 04/07/2017:  This study analyzes the potential hazards Village staff face when working with equipment of varying voltages and what personal protective equipment is needed. Click here: Paw Paw Arc-Flash Assessment Study 2017 - Final.pdf

System Coordination Study - updated 04/07/2017: this study sets an operational procedure for the sizing and placement of fuses through the system to best mitigate power outages. Click here: Paw Paw System Coordination Study 2017 - Final.pdf

Village of Paw Paw System Model – updated 07/27/2017: System Model on which system studies are based. Click here: Paw Paw System Model 12-5-2016.wm.zip

Year One Rate Designs – updated 07/27/2017: Possible year one rate designs presented to the Village Council for consideration. Click here: Year One Rate Design - COS 5.10.pdf  and Year One Rate Design - COS 4.15.pdf

Electric System Study Presentation – updated 07/27/2017: Presentation to the Village Council reviewing project deliverables, results and recommendations. Click here: Electric System Study Presentation.pdf

Pole Testing Report – updated 05/01/2017: Pole testing results with map of tested poles. Click here: Pole Testing Report.pdf